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10 reflection questions to end your year strong

This is the time to get ourselves in reflective mode as we reflect upon this year!

We live in a very busy and fast paced world. Being slow paced is no longer a norm however today I have planned out with 10 reflection questions for you to take a day off, go to somewhere nice and quiet, enjoy a nice drink and start answering these questions. Remember to turn off your notifications when doing these reflection questions because it is really a time of reflection for yourself.

I have included a copy of the reflection questions here in PDF if you would like to print it out. Do whatever works for you and hope you enjoy this activity!

Following are the 10 reflection questions to end your year strong!

1. What is the most important goal I have achieved this year?

2. What is my greatest accomplishment in my fitness/career/relationship?

3. What is an obstacle or a challenge that I overcame?

4. Use 3 words to sum up this year

5. If I could travel back to the beginning of the year, what is some advice you would give yourself?

6. What is a really cool thing I created this year?

7. Who is someone I really enjoyed spending time with?

8. What is my best memory of the year?

9. What is my biggest regret of the year?

10. What am I most grateful for this year?

Thank you for going through this reflection podcast with me and I hope it has benefited you in summing up your year. Be sure to check out my next few episodes on how to start your year strong and welcome the new year!

10 Reflection Questions to end the year
Download • 32KB

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