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3 apps I use to boost my productivity

In my previous article, we have discussed ways to make our phone less of a distraction. However, I do believe that when used appropriately, our phones help us to boost our productivity. Today I will be sharing with you 3 applications that I use regularly to help me manage my life. I am an entrepreneur, trainer, toastmaster, wife, mother, daughter and the list goes on. It is important to manage the different roles to make sure I don’t suffer a burnt out. My tasks are endless, time is limited, so the key is how do I use these 3 apps to maximise my time.

1. Todoist

Everything that I need to do, I will jot it down in the app immediately. Tasks that are not being jot down will be forgotten till the next reminder comes my way. The tendency for me to complete a written task on Todoist doubles up as compared to a task that is not being jotted down. I don’t have a super memory hence I need Todoist to help me remember what is needed. The cool thing about Todoist is that I am able to categorize the tasks into different projects such as my shoe business Seira Elves to my empowerment channel Patrinachan.com to my training. Priorities can be given and I know that whenever I have a huge block of time allocated, I dive straight into high priority tasks and low priorities tasks can be on hold for the moment. I make sure I check on my app every single day to keep on track what I have missed out. The quote “Out of sight, out of mind” is indeed very true especially when we are living in a fast paced world.

Initially I was using an analogue bullet journal method where I will write down the tasks in my journal however with my frequent commuting, it is tough for me to take out my journal every single time I recall a task or when a task comes to me. I switched up to Todoist, a digital platform to help me manage my tasks and I have never been so productive ever before!

This app is available on Apple, Android and Windows. They have the mobile and desktop version so do give it a shot and start managing your time today!

2. Forest

Nothing about task management but Forest puts me into full focus mode and greatly reduces my urge to check my phone because I simply can’t use my phone when the app is running. I believe there are other apps to limit phone usage but I find this app particularly visually attractive and motivating as well. Basically, you get to grow your own forest with your preferred bush or tree and at the end of the day or month, you get to see how your forest is coming along! Before you start your task, set the duration you have estimated to complete it and when you’re ready to be in full focus mode, hit the Plant button and you start your growing! Anytime if you have the urge to switch out from the app, they will alert you if you would like to discard the plant that you’re growing. No such thing as put the growing on hold. You grow it to completion or discard it. Tendency to switch over the app will be much lesser since you have made a commitment to be on full focus mode. Forest app has helped me to achieve more within a short period of time and has given me the focus that I need to launch this empowerment channel.

Forest app can be downloaded from the App store or Play Store so let’s start growing some forest now!

3. Google Calendar

Do you have a fixed schedule everyday? Because I don’t, I need Google Calendar to help me manage my schedule. My schedule changes very frequently and most of the time my week varies too. I can be teaching on a Monday but doing a photoshoot on the following Monday because change is the only constant thing. I believe many people use Google Calendar and are familiar with its functions however following are some tips to leverage on Google Calendar.

  • Scheduling of commuting time and task to be done

As I run from place to place, I schedule commute time into my google calendar and I plan what I need to do during that hour of travel. I have completed blog posts to speech planning to content creation during my commute just because I schedule it in. It is easy to be scrolling through our social media platforms when we are commuting. There is nothing wrong with it however we are talking about time maximising here and every minute counts. Have you always wanted to start a business? Start a Youtube channel? Plan out a surprise? Enrich yourself? Make use of your commuting time to kick start whatever you have in mind!

  • Colour code all my task

I have up to 9 calendars per google account and everything is being colour coded. But colour coding the calendar, I am able to have a quick evaluation on how I spend my week and if I am missing any of the priorities out. If I have a week full of training and I am missing out my workouts for the week during planning, it is easy to detect with one glance and I am more conscious about making sure I have a fair share of time spent in my business to my family. Yes I schedule family time in as well. I schedule every single thing into my google calendar to keep track of every hour on how I am spending it and if I am spending it wisely or not.

I use to use my bullet journal for my schedule but the changes of my schedule has posed a challenge to me on changing my schedule on hard copy and with all the cancellations and shifting my appointments around, I switched back to my digital platform and my schedule remains nice and neat on Google Calendar without any cancellations or striking through!

Here are 3 apps that I am actively using to boost my productivity. There are tons of apps and you should try them out to see what works for you. Remember, your phone should be a tool to help you be more productive so let’s start to be the master of our time as we achieve the dreams and goals in our hearts!

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