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4 Books that Change My Life

I've been going on about the power of knowledge through reading because I felt stagnant when growth is absent in my life. My heart was filled with heavy questions and I was able to find the answers I needed through books! I wasn't really selective in what I'm reading and simply read what was in my library and what comes popping to me. I start to see the real world and learn from people whom I may not have the chance to meet YET.

One great teaching about reading is, people who have published the books have gone through the mistakes and failures in their businesses, relationships, life and now they are writing them down to share their precious lessons. Won't you want to learn from them so as not to repeat the mistakes in your life? Those mistakes may have cost them a huge cost but now you're getting tuition just for a price for a book? I believe this is the best deal ever!

Today I'll be sharing 4 books that shifted my entire life so do check them out after this podcast episode. If you have great books that changed your life, please recommend them to me please!

1. 5 Things Successful People do before 8am - Terri Savelle Foy

I have always been interested in content such as habits, morning routine, time management and productivity (that explains why the content on my blog has been in this line). This book came about, I was interested in what successful people do in their morning. Got this book for my pleasure reading and didn't expect it to be a life changer. In this book you get to read success stories and examples listed making it relatable to everyone from different walks of life. Practical tools and steps listed to actually make your morning a success.

Changes in my life: From being the last to wake up in the family and rushing out for work everyday to looking forward to waking up at 5am for my keystone habits.

If you're thinking won't it be tiring and how can my energy last? Let me tell you, I feel more refreshed and energetic as compared to sleeping past 8am and starting my day in a rush.

2. Eat That Frog - Brian Tracy

Majority of my content recently has been based on this book by Brian Tracy. Eat that ugliest and biggest frog first thing in the morning! Reading may not be my forte but this book breaks down all tips and tools to chewable bite size. Chapters are not lengthy, the teachings are practical and relatable and the key is they are easily executed, ONLY IF YOU MAKE A CHOICE TO DO SO.

Changes in my life: Gave me great insights to time management and productivity. This book provides the stepping board I needed to propel my podcast and blog and everything that I'm doing today. It's not through talent or super power to manage my business to training to being a wife and mother. I just happen to learn the right tools and put them in place.

If you think your time is always not enough, then perhaps this book will help you realise that everyone has 24 hours and why some appear to make more progress in their lives than the rest.

3. The 5 Second Rule - Mel Robbins

5 4 3 2 1. Understand how your mind works to break free from procrastination and excuses with this count down method. Seriously, you really just need 5 seconds to make a shift in your life. From waking up at wee hours, to doing tasks that I procrastinated on, I learnt how we should use our mind as a weapon to fight through all challenges. I've also learnt about how drastic our life can become if we allow our mind to outwin us.

Changes in my life: I just used this rule to count down to help me wake up at 5am today! This can be implemented in any areas where you are facing procrastination or even fear!

Astounding theories with great practicalities. Understand how your mind works with this book!

4. Bible - Proverbs

How could I miss out the word of God! The key to solving all issues in my life is in this book! I can't emphasise enough how much insight and guidance the book of Proverbs has helped me in my business, training, goals, relationships, etc! If you're not a person of faith, I welcome you to join me to read one proverb a day and see how your life and mindset shift.

Changes in my life: It reminds me that I have things to work on in my life and I am far from perfect, perhaps one step to foolishness! Every single time when I revisit the chapters, they still give me great insights! Perhaps I should start sharing the insights I have gotten from it through my podcast, what do you think?

I have shortlisted these 4 books however I believe there are tons of life changing resources out there. No matter what book you are reading, I believe you will be able to find the treasures in them that will change your life.

Change is inevitable, personal growth is optional.

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