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4 Reflections from the Circuit Breaker

Updated: May 20, 2020

With the Covid-19 situation around the world, Singapore has recently gone into a Circuit Breaker with tight measures implemented to curb the spread of the virus. There are many areas in my life that needed to change and adapt, from my business to my training and of course my role as a wife and a mother. A month has passed and here are 4 reflections which will last me a lifetime.

1. Keep your family in mind, especially those that are not living with you

It is so easy to neglect your family members who are not living with you especially when you’re too caught up trying to juggle working from home and adapting to this new cycle and lifestyle at home! I am guilty of neglecting the people who are not staying together with me, this includes my parents, my parents in law and even my godparents. I have yet to mention extended families and close friends.

I believe everyone’s lifestyle has changed after the circuit breaker and guess what I actually had more time for myself in the past as compared to now. The casual texts to my extended family and close friends seem more challenging to accomplish with the continuous fast pace activities I have at home.

Through this circuit breaker, I learnt that the mental health of everyone is of a different pace. While I am enjoying my time with my husband and son at the comfort of my own home, there may be people who are facing the after effects of being cooped at home for a long period of time and I am guilty of not putting in extra effort in keeping in touch. Well it is never too late, I would encourage you to make connections with the people out of your own home today because you never know when your call and text can bring a smile to that someone.

2. When time is limited, I tend to treasure it more

Being a working mother has its own set of challenges however this circuit breaker has revealed to me an interesting fact that when my time is limited, I tend to accomplish more tasks for the day because I finally understood the value of time to the very seconds that I have.

Due to the flexibility of our work, my husband and I agreed to take a half day each with my son, investing time to teach my son every day while the other half a day to work on our work issues. This arrangement has helped me to double up my speed of work because I am constantly racing against time! So the verdict is, I actually need a shorter amount of time to fulfill my responsibilities at work! Does that occur to you as well? I would like to challenge you to time yourself when you are working on a task and when you put yourself into a full concentration productive state, you will be amazed at how good you perform under restricted conditions. Sounds a little extreme but guess what, it works for me so why not give it a try!

3. Life can be meaningful without the need to go out

We can either focus on the negative things about the strict measures of the Circuit Breaker or find meaning when we are home. Because I am home everyday now, I have unleashed my cooking skills. I became more aware of cleanliness of my house and do my household chores diligently and all these give me confidence playing the role of a wife and a mother. We caught spiders and insects at home and watched how they behaved. I grew my own bean sprout with green beans and I watched how my son behaves and manages his daily tasks.

There are tons of things to do at home and I am serious! For those who cannot accept the fact that they need to be home for the entire 2 months, this is the time to find meaning at home. Life doesn’t need to be rushing and running around but quality living can be as simple as being at home reading a book or striking a conversation with your family members. I am glad I found meaning at home and I actually love being at home now and I hope I will be able to weave in work from home routine even after the circuit breaker.

4. Slowing down is not a bad idea after all

Our pace of life is fast with the technology advancements. I am one of those who is constantly moving around and doing things FAST before the Circuit Breaker. Even when teaching my son, I find myself speeding things up. During this Circuit Breaker when time is of abundance, I learnt how to slow down my pace. The activities at home weren’t restricted to time and we were able to enjoy every single thing to the fullest. Craft time was enjoyable, meal times were great with the family at the table. We had the entire afternoon for Pizza Making Session and of course I had the luxury of my afternoons to dive into a course that I had enrolled myself in a few months back but had no chance to start learning it.

I used to get frustrated when things don’t go according to the time planned but after this Circuit Breaker, I am more open to flexible time slots and this is something that is important for me when running my business, family and life. Most importantly I find my balance and know when to speed up and when to slow down when necessary.

I hope you have your own set of reflections for this Circuit Breaker and may the lessons propel you further!

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