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5 Advantages of Meal Prep

This season is all about fitness and weight loss! After sharing the reason why I meal prep and how to go about doing it, let us dig into the advantages of meal prep!

Advantage 1 - It reduces wastage of food

I never need to throw away unused ingredients because with batch making, I am able to make full use of the full ingredients for multiple portions! I had the frustration of not being able to clear my ingredients in time before they turned bad especially when you’re cooking small portions. If you have a great idea on how to clear the entire celery within a meal or two, please advise me! With meal prep, I am able to prepare 3-4 portions of food, utilizing every single bit of ingredients which I have purchased and I do not need to crack my brain on clearing my ingredients in the fridge after prepping my meals!

Advantage 2 - It helps me keep in budget

I usually prepare 4 days worth of lunch in a batch which will last me from Monday to Thursday because I usually schedule meetups and meetings on Friday and I can enjoy the company over food outside. Groceries for the meal prep would usually cost me around $10-$12 depending on the meal I planned for the week. You probably think that you could get a $2.50 chicken rice out there but FYI my meal prep includes food packed with all sorts of nutrients my body needs and it is definitely something that I can’t get at $2.50 when I am out of home. With prepping my meal, I am less likely to indulge in that cafe croissant or deluxe meal and hence keeping my budget on track!

Advantage 3 - One less decision to make

As an entrepreneur, trainer and mother, I make numerous decisions every single day. You wondered why Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wears the same shirt everyday? Because it is one less decision he has to make! As for me, I choose to meal prep because I will have one less decision to make on the food I eat. I don’t mean to offend foodies who live to eat but I happen to those who eat to live so eating the same meal 4 times a week is reasonable for me. You may not be able to resonate with me and I would totally respect that.

Advantage 4 - I have control over what I feed my body

Self Discipline - The number one trait that is essential to accomplish goals.

Since I have decided on putting my health as a priority, I started to be aware of what food and drinks I put into my body however with the places I travel to for work, healthy food choices are limited and I tend to settle for a plate of chicken rice or a bowl of noodles. Going hungry is not an option for me hence the solution would be bringing my own meal prep to work and I will be able to have control of what I feed my body irregardless of the food choices around!

Advantage 5 - 80:20 Fitness Ratio

80% constitutes what you feed your body, 20% is about the exercises you do. Since our diet is the majority of the percentage, how much more should we pay attention to what we eat! Whenever I am not hitting the gym nor working out, I know I can always fall back to my diet to aid my weight loss. Progress may not be as much if I just concentrate on my diet and skipping my workouts however little progress is better than no progress! Indeed there are weeks when my work involves more physical stuff and I only reduce my workout to once a week however with my meal prep habit, I still feel refreshed and healthy!

Working out seems too difficult for you to accomplish? Let’s start by meal prepping and you’ll be able to experience the changes when you are in control of what you feed your body!

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