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5 great morning habits that will make you feel like you have conquered the day

Updated: May 20, 2020

I am never a morning person previously but these great habits helped me to stay discipline and focus every single day!

5 great morning habits that will make you feel like you have conquered the day!

1. Calculate your sleep - sleep calculator

Have you ever wondered the reason of your tiredness even though you thought you had enough sleep?

I have been using this application called the Sleep Calculator that will help to calculate my sleep cycles and the time I should be getting up to ensure that I feel recharged. As we sleep, we through a a pattern from deep sleep to light sleep and having our alarm to ring when we are deep in sleep will cause us to be even more fatigue. With this smart technology of sleep calculation, I feel refreshed even I have 6 or 7 hours of sleep at times.

2. Stop and Stare

Being a trainer, my schedule is always different everyday. I can sleep till 8 or 9am on my free days but wake up as early as 5am on my training days. Having different waking up timings makes creating a habit difficult however I try to schedule time to stop and think through my day before I even brush my teeth and that helps me to stay on track with my dreams and goals.

Waking up and knowing that you are late for work / school doesn’t give you a good start of the day hence start by adjusting your alarm clock 10 to 15 mins earlier for a better start to your day.

3. Reading

If there is someone who dislikes reading anything, that person would be me but now I love reading for a simple reason. There is something that captivates me when you open a book cover as it gives me a refreshed and open mind to learning. As my work involves lots of communication and coordinating through phones, I realised my eyes starts to tire out even only at noon! Since then, I have dedicated my traveling time to either reading or listen to a podcast to give my eyes a break!

I have this habit where I like to analyse and model the people who inspire me hence I am particularly excited when I am reading about them. Right now, I am reading the book called “Declutter Your Way to Success” by Terri Savelle Foy because I am hooked on her motivation topics which I find it effective for me.

2 options: 20 mins of knowledge gaining or 20 mins on Facebook scrolling through the happenings of other people? I would choose knowledge.

4. Listening to podcast

It is always nice to pop that ear piece on when commuting to work, listening to your favourite song on the way to work. No doubt music plays an important role in boosting my mood for the day (trust me I am a Music Trainer). However I realised that other than listening to my favourite song, I could use the time to learn something and enrich myself. I got myself a premium membership for a few bucks per month on my phone and I am amazed by the huge library of podcast there are on it! Some podcast may sound amateur and boring but trust me, there are great knowledge there too! I allowed myself to listen to my favourite songs once or twice a week, but other than that, a good podcast makes me more refreshed than a piece of good music.

Have you always wanted to improve a skill or learn something? A podcast is your first step of exposing yourself to knowledge if you think that reading is an impossible task for you at this stage. As an entrepreneur, I learnt so much through listening to podcast, from branding to finding confidence or simply finding my dream.

5. Breakfast

Having your stomach filled before embarking onto anything gives you a clear mind to seize the day and the concentration that you need. Trust me, I have met people who skipped breakfast and their speech was incoherent and inconsistent only by 10am. This are the extreme cases however if you want your body and mind to bring you further in life, you need to start by taking care of your body.

Busy and can’t find time to make yourself breakfast? Try having a filling drink such as multi-grained drink before you start your day, it is as filling as a complete breakfast! All you need is 2 minutes to make the drink and you are good to go!

I hope you can start by building good habits for yourself and feel like a champion every morning when you awake.

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