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5 things I did to help me shed off 14kg

Weight issue has seldom been my concern because of my active lifestyle in the past. Being a dance and music trainer has kept my metabolism high however after entering motherhood brought me new challenges and one of them is going back to my prepartum weight.

I decided to challenge myself to see if I am able to go back to my original size or even better. I started the journey in 2018 November and even though it wasn’t a miraculous loss of massive weight within a short amount of time, I am still glad that I made the decision to do something with my body and health. There are many ways to lose weight and keep ourselves fit however these are 5 practical ways that I took to help me lose 14kg, dropping to a size M from an XL!

1. Meal Prep

What is meal prep? To keep it short, it actually means meal preparation and I will only consume what I have prepared and refrain myself from eating out.

The reason why I have placed meal prep as the first thing in the list is because this method is by the far the most effective way! I never knew how effective meal prep was and neither did I meal prep because I wanted to lose weight. I’ll share in more details how and why I meal prep in my new post however so the following was what happened:

I was working out 4 days a week previously and I see transformation in my body. My stamina improved, my pants indeed went looser. I was glad with the results I saw in my body. Subsequently, I changed to hitting the gym around 2-3 times a week and started my meal prep and guess what, i have lost even more weight in a shorter period of time! So yes meal prep works for me hence if you are still trying to convince yourself to hit the gym or do some workout, you may want to consider meal prep!

2. Schedule Exercise Time

Notice that I have included scheduling of exercise instead of purely asking you to exercise. I am no expert in advising you what workout to do and I am not going to do either. The simple act of scheduling exercise into your daily schedule will set you up for success for the day. The saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. If you’re not making exercise a priority and shelving it off to only working out when you’re available, guess what, there won’t be a day when you’re free or feel like exercising.

Still finding your motivation to sweat it out, try my scheduling it in your calendar or scheduler and make it happen!

3. Drink plenty of water

My work doesn’t allow me to stay in the office for long hours because I am handling a few portfolios at the same time. With the constant movement, I will always bring along my big water bottle around and seize the opportunity to top it up wherever I go. With this habit, it has helped to curb my temptation of getting the Bubble Tea or cold drinks wherever I go. Start loving your plain water because it is definitely more beneficial to your body than the sugar sweet drinks!

4. Saying no to meat

If you know the old me, you would know that I LOVE MEATTTTTTT. I eat meat everyday and I needed meat to thrive previously. I didn’t cut the meat because I wanted to lose weight but I wanted to challenge myself if I could give up something that I really love eating hence I started with a meatless meal once a week. It was bearable and hence I increased the frequencies to thrice a week and so on. This ties hand in hand with my meal prep and since I have control over what I put in my mouth, I went on to meatless lunch with my meal prep. After ditching the meat for lunch, I realised that I felt lighter and clearer in mind after meals. I actually felt refreshed after my meal prep instead of suffering from a food coma when I indulge in heavy meals outside.

I switch my meats to a lighter palette such as tofu or eggs and I enjoy how my body is feeling from the absence of meat. Just to note, I am not an advocate of vegan diet and this change was purely to train my self control. Needless to say, after ditching meat for my lunches, I started looking out for healthier alternatives and hence aiding my weight loss. FYI, I still eat meat for dinner and sometimes breakfast and I am ok with that because now I know that I won’t go through cold turkey if I am missing a meal of meat.

Weight issues aside, I’ll like to challenge you to think of a food that you really love and start fasting from it. You will realise that your mind is more powerful than you think it is, all about self control, being disciplined and having will power.

5. Have breakfast, a good one

I love breakfast because it is the first meal of the day after a night of fasting! I have read the book Change Your Breakfast, Change Your Life by Joseph McClendon and he has included great tips and scientific reasons why we should never skip that breakfast. After reading the book, I am more inclined to feed my body with the necessary nutrients and not just do away with a piece of bread and milk. I make sure I have my protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, etc all well balanced in my breakfast. I started to opt for granola or overnight oatmeal packed with fruits and that gives me strength to last me for a decent 4-5 hours till my lunch break. I’ll be sharing with you more on what I eat for breakfast in my next post but the only point for this is never ever skip your breakfast. Your pantry may not have what I have mentioned previously but at least eat something. Coffee or Tea alone doesn’t count you know that right? I believe you do. I strongly encourage you to get the book Change Your Breakfast, Change Your Life by Joseph McClendon and start owning your breakfast!

So here are 5 practical things I have done to help me go back to my previous body shape and weight. I hope to share with you more however dive into the details of the individual ways in my next few posts because every way deserves a post on its own!!! I have so much to share with you! I hope this will kick start a healthy lifestyle for you because only with good health, we can run this race of life further and better.

Stay healthy!

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