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How I get to the gym by 7am

Updated: May 20, 2020

Get your shoes and workout attire all ready because I am excited to share with you how I managed to get to my gym by 7am for a great workout to start my day! Weighing at 70kg after giving birth is definitely a new experience for me!

1. Pack your gym bag the night before

Trying to hit the first workout class in your gym but find yourself fumbling through your stuff early in the morning is a definite turn off for a motivated day. Prepare for your day the night before has helped you win half the battle!

2. Look good, feel good

Not too much about branded or luxury brands of sportswear however if you’re not feeling confident in what you’re wearing, that may pull you away from rocking the gym. I have my standard workout attire, definitely in pink since it is my favourite colour and whenever I put it on, my whole state changes and I know I am all ready to rock that workout session. (Pss, my sportswear are from Decathlon and they are serving me well till date)

3. Knowing why it feels like after working out

The only bad workout is the one that never happen.

When you’re all sweaty and aching, you know you did well, you know you did your best. Recall the last time where you challenged yourself physically, use that emotion and memory and pull you back to your exercise routine. If you could do it previously, you could do it now. If this is the first time you’re trying to get yourself to workout, hesitate no more because without good health, all achievements in your life will be nullified.

4. Choose a plan that works for you

Gym group classes works for me

Home workout doesn’t work for me (tried and tested)

Open gym with no classes doesn’t work for me

Dieting doesn’t work for me

I was on my desperate end when I see my body being out of shape after giving birth. I knew I need to do something with my body instead of embracing my curls even though I know some are ok with it. But I have reached a point where it is no longer about my curves and shape but I feel my body breaking down. My feet are aching, my body is sore every other day, I am constantly tired. These are signs my body is telling me to start prioritizing my physical health.

5. Know your WHY

Do you know why you need to exercise? Do you have a strong reason to do it? This is definite a make or break for you. If you have no compelling reasons to work out and be healthy, guess what, it will be easy for you to lose your momentum. Everything we do comes with a reason and the reason is the one that keep us going. Find your purpose today and get your body moving!

Thank you for reading and remember that I am cheering you on for a healthier journey ahead!

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