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How I managed to reach my gym by 7am

Updated: May 20, 2020

No one said it's easy to be up by 5am and be at the gym by 7am. Personally I struggled every single morning when I hear my alarm rings but I still do it anyway, so how did I do that?

Motivation 1: Pack your gym bag the night before

It's not motivating to me at all to scramble through my wardrobe and trying to pack my bag and at the same time trying to make as little noise as I can so as not to awake my 1 year old baby up from his sleep. So to minimise myself from finding an excuse for not going to the gym because my bag isn't packed, I pack it the night before

Motivation 2: Look good, feels good!

Before I start my exercise routine after stopping for more than a year, I needed something tangible to give me the extra push in the morning. That includes a lovely Victoria Secret Duffle Bag and a sporty looking attire for my workout. Guess what! My husband just bought me a new memory foam sneakers in Turquoise and it's definitely a motivating factor for me to put it on and head to the gym!

Motivation 3: Knowing what it feels after working out

I have forgotten how it feels like to sweat it out but let me tell you, IT FEELS REALLY GOOD. Yes I am smelly and unkept after my workout but inside me feels a ton better than sleeping in! My excuse previously for not working out is because of my tiredness from work, family, motherhood, etc. You see I was going into the pattern of finding excuses from anyone or anything. But if you have a chance to ask anyone around you who exercises, they will definitely tell you that you feel refreshed after a work out. So to all who are feeling tired, go get your refreshed by working out!

Motivation 4: Choose a plan that works for you

There are thousands of ways to workout. Gym works for me, but you may find another source of workout to your liking. Due to my ligament replacement, jogging is never an option for me hence I will always go for group classes in my gym. If running round your neighbourhood with your favourite audio teaching or music pumping through your earphones works for you, just do it!

Definitely there are days where I am unable to go to the gym due to emergencies etc, I will power up my Xbox Kinect and do a dance for 10 minutes with Dance Central. I sweat and I feel good. That works for me too! The goal is to get your heart pumping and sweat it out, whichever ways work for you, just do it!

Motivation 5: Exercise renews your mind

There is something about exercising that boost your self confidence. I believe there are many scientific researches on this if you look into it further but I can share with you from first hand experience. The confidence and glow that's flowing out from me is evident to people who has met me because of the fact that I manage to overcome my mind and become a better person than yesterday. It helps me to focus and be clear of my plans and goals because my mind has been stretched too.

I believe there are many other reasons why exercising is good for you but here is the key, our mind has programmed us to be comfortable. There will be days when you don't feel like working out, but it's never about how you feel, you do it whether you like it or not.

Stay active, stay happy!

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