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How to Create a Vision Board?

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a concrete representation of your desires and aspirations for a compelling life. Without a vision board, any dreams and goals can be easily forgotten. By creating a vision board and seeing it everyday will propel you to make progress in fulfilling your dreams!

Why are Vision Boards powerful?

  • visuals are there to remind you your goals every single day!

  • at times when you face setbacks, the vision board is there to help you bounce back up!

  • it gives you clarity on your goals and dreams

  • it makes the dreams real in your mind so you start to believe that it is possible

5 Simple Steps to create a Vision Board

Things you need:

1. A big board / frame - something that you can mount up to the wall

2. Craft materials - scissors, glue, stickers

3. Printer (some graphics are required, either you cut them out from a magazine or get them printed out from the computer)

4. Papers for printing or decorating


1. Identify 5-10 goals that you would like to achieve for the new year

2. Gather visual images of the goal

3. Get the materials ready

4. Decorate the board

5. Pin your vision board up on the wall!

Who can see your vision board?

No one but yourself! I mean you do not need to be intentional to hide the vision board away from anyone especially when you are sharing spaces with your family member. I have my vision board in my study room and I share the room with my husband. I know it is safe on the wall of my study room because my husband will not go and analyse every single goal I put up. My husband will not laugh at me for whatever goal that I envision myself to achieve and hence it is safe there. My guest will not usually enter my study room and hence I place it there because I like to be private about my goals and I want to let my results speak louder than words.

If you’re mounting your vision board along the walkway and you find yourself explaining the board to every guest who passes by, then perhaps that is not a good place for your vision board. The last thing you want is for people to laugh at your vision board (don’t be surprised if they are people closest to you!)

So there is no right or wrong on who can see your vision board. If it is a family vision board then

definitely it is meant for the whole family to see it everyday! If it is a personal vision board then you may want to use your discernment on the placement of your vision board.

Moving forward…

Now that your vision board is ready, may it be a motivation for you to achieve your dreams! Be ready to change the goals out to new goals once you have achieved them!

I’m cheering for you to reach your dreams!

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