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How to Create your Growth Plan?

Don’t go through life, GROW through life! If you’re not growing, you are actually dying inside! Make it a point to grow and learn something new each day and you see how your life changes when growth becomes intentional. Today let us dive into the practical steps to create your growth plan for the new year! Got these tips and tools from Mr John C.Maxwell! I got them in action and

1. Make a commitment to grow intentionally

Are you ready for this commitment? Are you ready to take your life to the next level with this commitment? Make a decision to set aside a fixed amount of time investing in yourself.

2. Make that commitment public

A spoken commitment is a strong commitment. Be sure to share this commitment of growth to someone whom you know is concerned about your journey to keep you in check along the way!

3. Identify areas of growth

Which area would you like to work on?

  • Area of choice etc a discipline or an attitude

  • Area of skill etc speaking, writing, language, programming

Identify one from each area to work on. Explore areas in your business or career where you know that a particular improvement of a skill or choice is able to bring a level up from where you are.

4. Invest 1 hour a day in the 2 areas

During the 60 minutes duration, dive into the 3 stages of growth:

Preparation - Gather resources that you need for working on the skill

Practice - Work on the area that you have selected and start honing your skills

Reflection - Recap and Recall on what you have learnt

5. Invest 1 hour a week on reflection and writing/journaling

Start by jotting down your learning points and do a weekly reflection because as you recall what you have learnt, the more it will be registered inside your brain! All about learning retention!

6. Share your growth with someone

As you share, you will start to see some who are genuinely happy for your growth however do not hesitate to move on from people who are not thrilled about your progress. Be careful on who you are spending your time with today!

Be intentional in your growth today and you will outgrow almost anybody you know!

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