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How to Overcome Procrastination

Updated: May 28, 2020

Procrastination - how many of us are trying to get our lives in order and feel accomplished every single moment? Are there things that you know you ought to do and devote your time on but find yourself shelving it off time and time again?

Let us overcome procrastination together.

My life was in a mess and was in a stuck state with no clear goals and vision. I'm living everyday as a routine with no progression. I was juggling on the many tasks that work has thrown to me and my family and health was neglected. I seemed glamorous on the outside but inside I was barely surviving. Fast forward 1 year later, I am sitting in a cafe typing this post, launched a women's online community and podcast, still training in music as it refreshes me, doing my online shoe business with my partner on a full time basis. I am on am on an exercise routine, I develop numerous skills to fulfil my role as a wife, mother and a daughter. There is not a day when I wake up feeling lazy and everything I do now is for a greater cause, to fulfil my destiny.

So how did I do it? I won't say that I lead a perfect life but I believe what I've learnt from the books I have read will benefit you in one way or another.

This is what I've understood from the book 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. Our mind is wired in a way to keep us safe and comfortable. Our mind will try to prevent us from doing any task that will make us uncomfortable. Many times we snooze our alarm and go back to sleep is one of the successes of our brain. Sleeping is a comfortable and safe event, waking up is not cause it changes the comfortable state of our body.

Every decision we make is based on our feelings, from what we wear for the day to what to eat for the meal. So here comes the key, because our brain wants to keep us safe and comfortable, you will need to out-win your brain for every task that needs you to step out of our comfort zone. We are not designed to be out of our comfort zone BUT successful people overcome their mind and do things out of their comfort zone!

I workout 4 times a week and my brain will do her best to make me miss my gym every single time. The love for my bed, the love of sleep, the tiredness in my body, the morning hours and commute to my gym etc, my brain has thousand of reasons to stop me from doing it but I do it anyway.

I stopped listening to my feelings and how I feel and do whatever I know I should be doing and what is right for me. Putting aside my feelings has helped me get to the gym, start my podcast, sacrifice short term gratification for a better cause for the future, etc.

Following are some of the examples where I omit my feelings out of the equation

  • I'm feeling tired and my muscles are all aching - I still go to the gym anyway without fail

  • I'm feeling nervous and worried how people will judge me for my podcast - I do it anyway

  • I don't feel like clearing my online shoe business emails and process the orders and just want a day off - I do it anyway

This is what we called Self-Discipline defined by Elbert Hubbard . The ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.

I would like to encourage you to spend a day writing down all the feelings that you've went through and you will see that we go through lots of feelings each day. The next step if challenge is to choose to omit a feeling and push through that feeling and do what you should be doing.

If it works for me, it works for you as well. I can guarantee that the initial stage will be tough but the more you exercise Self discipline, the easier it gets along the way. All you need is the first motion of overcoming it and you'll be fine after that.

I'm here to support you! Feel free to email me on the problems you faced and know that you're not alone facing this.

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