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Time Management - Rocks, Pebbles, Sand

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

I have struggled with managing my time and I believe there are many people identify this same issue as me. With the many roles that we play in life, it is important for us to manage our time wisely and spending our 24 hours with what is worth our time.

I was all over the place, as a mother, wife, daughter, entrepreneur, trainer etc. Years after years as I took on more roles in life, I start to realise that my time has been slipping through my hands and I didn't live a fulfilling life despite the many things I was doing.

I ponder over this great analogy of time management - the story of the rock, pebbles and sand and it makes me shift me focus to the important things in life. I was able to identify the unworthy things that I was investing my time in and eventually made full use of my time and lived a fulfilling life.

Come join me in this journey of imagination. There is a huge glass jug that represents your life and today you are going to fill it with the following:

  1. A cup of sand

  2. 5 rocks

  3. 10 pebbles

In which order would you be placing into the glass jug first? For some it may be a simple task but even though we know the science behind it, we may not be applying it in our lives. In order for all items to be in the jug, we should be placing the rocks in, then the pebbles and lastly the sand. Why?

The rocks will be filling up the majority of the spaces before the pebbles take the smaller pockets of space in between the rocks and lastly the sand which is able to flow into the smallest gaps in between the rocks and the pebbles.

The rocks represents the most important things in life which includes family, health and your dreams. The pebbles represents things that matters to you but you could live without them which includes hobbies, friendships, house, job, etc. Lastly the sand represents the material possessions that do not mean much to our lives which includes surfing on social media platforms, watching tv, etc.

In order for us to have effective time management, we need to identify the rocks, pebbles and sand in our lives before we schedule time in for them. If you're surfing on Facebook and Instagram for most of your time of the day, then probably you're neglecting on what's important in life.

Remember, only you have the power to change your habits.

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