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Weigh the values of your tasks

Looking at your endless tasks and thinking what to start with? Let us dive into another productivity tool today about weighing the value of your tasks.

Do you ever weigh the value of your tasks? Before knowing this tool, all tasks seems to be as important as every other task. It seems silly however wiping my home furnitures are viewed as the same importance as recording a podcast for this empowerment channel and if I were to compare between the two, which seems to be an easier task to be checked off? I would choose to dive into my home chores because they are definitely easier to clear them!

Alert! The urge to clear off the 80% bottom few tasks that are of a lesser value is real! If you’ve missed out on my previous post, I would totally recommend you to check out the 80/20 rule of productivity to get a full picture of it!

Rule of productivity: Resist the temptation to clear up small things fast.

Break the habit of choosing low value tasks today because it can be tough to change this habit over time and this is definitely not that kind of habit you want to develop or keep. So what will happen if we choose to embark on our high value task? The hardest part of any important task is getting yourself started and gaining the momentum at the beginning however once you get into the motor of it, you’ll naturally feel motivated to continue. There is a part of your brain that enjoys working on significant tasks that can make a difference so feed your brain continually with this habit!

High value tasks may seem daunting in the first place however the truth is that the amount of time required to complete a low value task is probably the same as the time required to complete a high value task. The only difference is that your contentment and sense of achievement is much more than doing a low value task.

Successful people focus on their high value tasks and they discipline themselves to start on the important tasks before them and as a result, they accomplish vastly more than the average person and are much happier as a result. Everyone has a set of 24-hours a day, it is up to you to spend it so make it a habit to spend it on high value tasks today!

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