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The One Thing You Always Have Enough Time For No Matter What

No matter what environment or circumstances you are in, there is always enough time to do this one thing. Can you make a guess what this is? Sleeping? Exercising? Facebooking? Netflixing? Eating?

Of course it is the MOST IMPORTANT THING! There is always enough time to do the most important thing!

We are diving into the Law of Forced Efficiency. I’ve read this up from Eat That Frog from Brian Tracy and this law simply means that there is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing. If you are wondering what’s with Pat’s love for frogs out of a sudden but this whole book basically teaches you productivity and time management tools and they use the FROG as THE thing that you should be clearing off your plate first thing in the morning. So going back to the law of forced efficiency, we cannot eat every tadpole and frog in the pond but we can eat the Biggest and ugliest one and that will be enough at the least for the time being. So this biggest and ugliest frog represents the ONE IMPORTANT THING to check off from your to do list.

It is so true that the non important tasks just simply need to wait until the important tasks get done! As discussed previously in my last few episodes, start investing your time in high value tasks, tasks that bring you contentment and fulfillment. Have you gotten into the habit of doing the important tasks before embarking on the average low value tasks? If yes, what’s next?

Truth is when we are working under pressure or constraints, we become way more efficient than we ever thought we could be. For example, In the past I would take the entire day writing one article and publishing that one piece of content on my podcast. That includes from generating it, to recording and editing to doing the necessary artwork to publish on my social media platforms. You have read it correctly! I took the entire day!

I changed up my game, I added a timer RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES on the screen, I set to 30mins for my article writing, 30 mins for podcast recording, 30 mins for all design work to be done. Yes I got my content up in no less than 2 hours. Is that shocking!? So what makes a difference back then?

Back then when I was doing my task, my communication channels were on. My Whatsapp Desktop was on, the phone was ringing, people were chatting with me all the time. I indulge on my facebook and instagram periodically, i went to find some food from the fridge. I was wasting time! With the timer set right before my eyes, I was in focus mode, I turned off my whatsapp Desktop, I muted my phone, I didn't leave my workstation at all until my work was done.

This is not any high level skill and I believe everyone has the ability to be on your full focus mode if you want, is your choice ultimately!

Back to the law of forced efficiency, get this rule down

“There will never be enough time to do everything you have to do.”

Tasks will always be pilling up, there will always be backlog work to clear. There was this study conducted that an average executive has 300-400 hours of reading and projects backlogged at home and at office! This means,


Get this wonderful idea out of your mind. The only position you can place yourself into is to be on top of your most important responsibilities and the others will need to wait.

After learning this, it kind of took a huge load off my shoulders. As you know I am managing a few things from my shoe business to my training and being a mother and so on, tasks just kept coming to me. I had nights when I dreamt of the work that needs my attention and with my eyes closed, I was thinking how to clear that task. It is scary man! Definitely not something I want to be experiencing all the time. From having the mindset of, “I have so many things to clear and I can’t seem to finish them” to “I’m gonna be a master of productivity and time management and I’m gonna clear my work efficiently to the best ability I can” really shift the entire attitude towards my work. I am more energetic and driven and positive in my mindset too!

Be sure to dive into your ugliest and biggest frog today!

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