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Your Decisions Now Affect your Future

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

There is a quote that says: when you delay instant gratification, you will experience long term satisfaction. Today we will be talking about how our decisions made now will affect your future.

There was a research conducted from Harvard University and concluded that long time perspective is the most accurate single predictor of upward social and economic mobility. Your attitude towards time, or we call it Time Horizon has an enormous impact on your behavior and your choices. To summarise this, People who take the long view of their lives and careers always seem to make much better decisions about their time and activities than people who give very little thoughts to the future.

Productivity rule: Long term thinking improves short term decision making.

We need to have a clear future orientation. Think 5-10-20 years out into the future. Analyse your decisions in the present and make sure what you are doing today is consistent with the long-term future that you desire.

I love public speaking and I know I want to be up on the stage speaking in front of huge crowd hence I devote my time on writing articles for my blog, recording audio and video podcasts. I embark on projects that will take me nearer to my goal instead of pulling me away from where I want to be.

So now when i am clear of where I see myself in 5-10-20 years time down the road, it helps me to make wiser decisions. Will i enrol myself into a photography class? Probably not. Will I spend my time learning another music instrument so that I can teach that in the future? Probably not too. Will I join Toastmasters? Yes I will and I have joined. If there are opportunities for me to speak will I ride on it? ABSOLUTELY! Will I ditch the drama and start reading up and equipping myself more? Of course!

So you get it. Having a clear idea of what is really important to you in the long term will help me make better decisions about my priorities in the short term.

One important question to ask yourself before you start on anything “What are the potential consequences of doing or not doing this task?”

I envisioned the consequences of not doing my podcast and writing of articles. Years down the road, I know I am going to regret it and this helps me to prioritise my work now.

For example, I have an hour of free time in between my training, I can either spend it to generate content for my podcast or I can turn on the TV. I’m not saying that you should totally ditch the entertainment in your life but I know I’ll be so sour inside if I spent my time on entertainment instead of taking a step closer to my dream.

One critical question: where do you see yourselves 5-10 years time? Take this time to envision what you really want to see in the future. What changes do you want to have in your life? Are your decisions bringing you closer or further away from your goal?

Time is going to pass anyway. The only question is how you use it and where you are going to end up at the end of the weeks and months and where you end up is largely a matter of the consideration you give to your actions in the short term.

We have covered a lot today, take a time to review through your life and I hope you are taking a step nearer to your goals and dreams each day.

I’m cheering you on and let’s start to live our dreams!

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